Project Surveying
Land Development and Title Consulting

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"Specialising in the complex nature of todays multi-use developments including Community, Precinct and Neighbourhood Schemes, stratum subdivison and Strata Schemes"


Cadastral Plans for Land Development

  • Deposited Plans for land subdivisions

  • Deposited Plans for land subdivision into stratum lots

  • Strata Plans
    • Strata Plans for land subdivision into Strata Schemes
    • Staged Strata Schemes
    • Part Strata Plans of stratum parcels
    • Strata Plans of subdivision of strata lots and/or common property

  • Deposited Plans for land subdivision into Community, Precinct or Neighbourhood Schemes

  • Easement Plans

  • Lease Plans

  • Telecommunication Lease Plans

  • Consolidation or Redefinition Plans

  • Road dedication or closure Plans

  • Plans required for annexure to dealings

  • Assistance in the preparation of Management Statements, Strata by-laws and 88b Instruments


Cadastral Reports

  • Identification Reports
    • Prepared for boundary identification, conveyancing, finance purposes, Council building certificates etc

  • Boundary Marking and Setout Reports

  • Reports checking compliance of structures to specified levels reduced to Australian Height Datum (AHD)

  • Due Diligence Reports for major property fund institutions

  • Tenancy Lease Area Reports
    • Prepared in accordance with the Property Council of Australia guidelines

  • Floor Space Area (FSA) calculations and Reports

Development Services

  • Preparation of development Applications (DAs) for subdivision

  • Preparation of Statements of Environmental effects for subdivision applications

  • Lodgement of subdivision plans to Land and Property Information NSW (LPI NSW)

    Services (cont.)