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Land Development and Title Consulting

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"GeoStrata strives to ensure that your project and project team acheive their maximum results by offering the highest standard of professional services and solutions"


Topographic Plans

  • Detail, feature and contour surveys and plans.
    • These plans are prepared for many applications including Development Applications (DAs), architectural design, engineering design , landscape design and planning purposes.

  • Shadow Diagrams

  • Major Project site plans generating feature data and contours using
    • Reflectorless laser Robotic Theodolites
    • GPS data
    • Photogrammetry
    • Orthorectified aerial imagery
    • Land-bourne or air-bourne laser scanning
    • Large format map scanning
    • Digital feature and contour data from government and private sources
    • Digital photography

  • GPS Surveys
    • Large scale site contouring plans
    • Network control surveys
    • Asset data collection for GIS mapping
    • Large scale set out for engineering and cadastral projects

  • Land-bourne and air-bourne Laser Scanning
    • This state of the art equiptment can be arranged for your project to create 3-D models of complex buildings, structures and the terrain.



  • Compilation and coordination of plans and data from varied sources. Large format scanning and CAD software is used to create precise, consistent and clear presentations.
    • This service has been found to be invaluable to the Legal Profession for court presentations and also the Planning Profession.

  • Accident Surveys and Reports for police, insurance and litigation purposes.

Services Plans

  • Compilation and coordination of services plans and data from service authorities

  • Field tracing of underground services and location of visible surface service indicators and the presentation of this data in a coordinated digital format.

Construction Surveys

  • Construction surveying and building set out for all building and construction projects including high rise.

  • Monitoring surveying and Reports.

  • “As built” surveys and plans for Quality assurance and certification requirements.